A game that redefined the FPS genre and had some of the best multiplayer of all time...

User Rating: 9.5 | Unreal Tournament (Best of) PC
Unreal is and always will be synonymous to incredible multiplayer and this is due to Unreal Tournament, the incredible game that started the series. Ironically though what made this game great wasn't its multiplayer, it was the single player. When Unreal Tournament was released it was the first game to feature the single player campaign by turning it into a multiplayer campaign. A shootout between you and the bots, which were completely adjustable difficulty wise, both of which were firsts. No game prior to Unreal Tournament had bots emulating human players in this way, thats what made Unreal unique and that is what the game was known for. Additionally Unreal Tournament also featured some of the best graphics ever seen on the PC at the time of its release, Unreal Tournament had truly jaw dropping visuals however the hardware requirements were quite steep but it was a step many were willing to go through to get to play this great game. This game was beyond addictive when it was out, people played literally millions of matches online and off and they couldn't get enough, the games visuals, incredible selection of unique weapons and fun multiplayer online or off kept people playing for years after the game came out.

Unreal Tournament without a doubt changed the FPS genre in drastic ways, in fact Unreal was so successful that the new Unreal games Unreal 2007 and Unreal 3 are basically the same game to the original Unreal Tournament, except for the technological upgrades of course. Few games have done for the FPS what Unreal Tournament has, others that come to mind are Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake and that is some company to be in.