Unreal is well UNREAL!

User Rating: 9 | Unreal Tournament (Best of) PC
Back when this game came out it was the first online multiplayer game that I ever played. For that reason it'll always be dear to me. That and the fact that the game is really awesome. My roommates all had the game and they'd network the computers throughout the house so all four of us could all play each other. They gave me a little time to design my character from the many skins and faces that the game offers and play the single person mode long enough to get the feel for the controls and the game play which was simple enough. Then they'd use me for target practice for a while. They'd all gang up on me since4 i was the new guy, but that just made me better in the end. then we all started getting online and playing against other teams in the several different multiplayer options that were offered. The best of which is capture the flag. You and your team set out to take the other teams flag from their base and bring it back to yours. There is no telling how many hours each night we'd sit and play this.

There is a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Several of which have secondary fire to them.

The great character graphics, the scenery, the multitude of weaponry and many other people to play with all made this game so fun.