couldn't get any better than this

User Rating: 9.1 | Unreal Tournament (Best of) PC
for some reason this version of the UT series still remains my favorite, i played 03 and 04 and still i like the origional better than them all, it's not as complicated as the other games but it's not simple enough to suck.. it combines fast paced action with just the right sized maps and the characters can still be moded to look cool where as the newer UT games, it's very restricting and the maps are actually too big for my taste, yeah you get vehicles but what's the fun of that when you die more in a tank than you do on foot, in this version your skill is prooven to other players by your own tactics and movement, in the new ones it relys on who's got the tank and who doesn't it becomes annoying after a while, plus the sniper in this one is way more effective at killing than in the newer ones, so for me the origional Unreal Tournament is still my favorite of the series, i wish epic games would make me change my mind, i have a few suggestions..