Best in series unquestionable

User Rating: 10 | Unreal Tournament (Best of) PC
this is the best game ive ever played especialy for the multiplayer the one player basicaly is multiplayer but you face bots but its amazing way better than the other unreal tournament games and the other unreal games

the graphics are great the weapon models are my favroite out of all series and the player models are my favorite for this one as well

the sound is great the music does get to you but its not as bad as the other unreal games and the weapon and other noices are great 2

you should get this if you dont all ready own it and you can probably get this for $10-20 and i think for $20.00 you can get unreal tournament, unreal, and unreal mission pack 1.

the set up for this game is great to there are tons of options for multiplayer and tons of add ons (new content) that people have made for it.

if you play online try out instagib or the sniper servers there great and my favorite