an old game now but

User Rating: 8 | Unreal Tournament III PC
Right let me start by getting a few things out of the way.
This game is a good game... but i think its not because of the single player but because of multiplayer.The reason for this is that the single player is just like multiplayer but with out the fun in it,as it seems to me to be abit repetitive and easy but once you go online and play with others the game becomes allot more fun less repetitive and a hell of allot better this game these days will cost you about seven pound from practically anywhere and to be quite fair for the price this game is deffinatly worth it!!! within the game are some very good machines to drive and shoot not to mention when defending your base you can jump in a robotic gun which can travel side to side with a nice powerful gun so you can wup your enemy's buts lol there are allot of other things in the game which you will find fun and im sure you can pass allot of time playing this game!!

-graphics are awesome
-player models/carictures -different battle modes
-variety of guns
-modes of transport ie... tanks

just the singleplayer