A direct copy-paste of the Modern Warfare series, minus the whole "soldier" thing

James Bond as a franchise has been a staple in the media industry, and yet, it has never truly been "amazing". Checking out reviews of the movies on http://imdb.com, and you'll find that they never surpase 8.0/10.0, many of them stagnating around 6.5/10 and 7.0/10.

So, truthfully, the series has never really "set the world on fire". None of it's sub-products or movies have made a difference.

Except for one: Goldeneye.

It was an amazing game at the time. The singleplayer was solid enough, the challenge varied on your own choice, and the multiplayer trumped nearly all other local-multiplayer games (like Mario Party).

However, after that, EA purchased the rights to all James Bond games, and have attempted to recreate the same "addicting" experience. Instead, nearly all of these games can best be summarized as "mediocre".

it was only a matter of time before EA tried to cash in on the Goldeneye fanbase, featuring such nostalgia-blinded people such as myself.

Despite my love for the source material (both game and movie [Sean Bean is the God of support characters:D] ), I actually wasn't expecting it to set the world on fire as much as the N64 version did.

And oh, was I so right.

Now, hear me out: it's not bad. In fact, it's pretty good. The gameplay is solid, the graphics are average, the missions are decently fulfilling, and there is a slight resemblance to the previous game.

However, this game is, without dignity, a complete clone of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games.

The aiming system, the "only hold 2 weapons" system, the reloading, the health (or "Strawberry Jam Getting Smeared On Your Face" effect)... it is as if Activision just took Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and changed the models and maps.

This game was not made to set any records, or to make an impact, or to be a direct shameless ripoff of the N64 game (which is what nearly everyone wanted).

It was made so Activision could make another few million to add to all of their gold-plated mansions. A sell-out, if you will.

I do think this game is good. Nothing is broken. It's so squeaky clean that you could use it to wash your car.

It's just not what tons of old fans were asking for.

With Duke Nukem Forever being disappointing and now this, I think the industry is just trying to make new ground. However, I find that hard to believe, considering how 90% of all new games are just sequels.