could've been better, as an old unreal player i say they made the same mistake they did in unreal tournament 2003.

User Rating: 7.5 | Unreal Tournament III X360
when i first heard about unreal tournament III, i was really looking forward to play it, because UT2K4 was a 100% game.

after i got it, firstly i played instant action, the first impression i had was " where is all the maps?!!", i was expecting to see huge number of maps like UTK4, however there is still a great classic maps like "deck".

am not gonna say a lot of singleplayer, cause you will find it like previous UT games but with a better story, for me a played about 2 hours then i spent my time playing online and instant action.

you don't have to finish the campaign to unlock maps or wepons or anything.
speaking of weapons, the lighting gun is not there, they brought back the classic sniper, and the shock rifle is still awesome.

other thing i was really disappointed about is that there is less gametypes than previous UT games (UT 2003 same mistake!!), bombing run,double domination,assault and mutant are not there. and there is a new gametype replacing "onslaught" called "warfare", it's the same but with a tiny differences.

a new cool thing is the hover board; it's name says everything about it, you can use it in "warfare" and "VCTF".

the graphics are PERFECT, the unreal engine III really did it again and rised the bar one more time.

the multiplayer is awesome, but u will find about 20 players max!!!!
so you will spend most of youre time playing instant action!!!

eventually, UTIII is a good game but it could've been better.
as i said they did the same mistake they made in UT2K3.
i recommend buying this game for a lot of reasons:
1. there are sometimes you wish u can just play a cool arena FPS without a story or anything, you just want some action. this is the game for you.
2. the A.I is great, with different difficulties, so that kind of a replacement for the lack of players online .
3. there is a split screen.
4. all that for a price around 10£!!!

i hope epic games release a new UT game more similar to UT2K4.