Fast, hectic and fun FPS. Its a PC game of old that still is best on the PC. Controls and balancing is of high quality.

User Rating: 8.5 | Unreal Tournament III PC
I have played almost all of the UT franchise of games. They have been around for a fairly long time now, and as a franchise, it has always been one of the leading players in the deathmatch type Multuplayer shooter genre. This new installment holds up this conception. It holds all that character that the original games had, while bringing some new things to the party at the same time. The annoying voice of "Flag Returned" is still around, but i guess that holds true to the original games. The maps are very well balanced, like always, and the kills and animations of the charachters, make it feel as if you are playing an UT game. The new additions of some new weapons, (all your old faviroutes are there) and some kick ass vehicles, brings the franchise into the new age of gaming. The weapons and controls of these new vheicals is top notch, each with its own faults and strengths. These are balanced very well throuhout the game, only some maps feel a little bit un balanced, with the vehicles. This is mostly an online game. The whole concept of the game revolves around the online elements of Team Deathmatch. That being said, the single player campaign mode is a lot of fun as well. the AI is not the same as what you would get in an online match, but it is pretty full on and ready to own you if you play like an absolute noob. In the back end of the campaign, you will find yourself replayig some of the missions, because they do get damn hard. Especially on the harder difficulty settings. Overall, its is a great game. IT has the depth fof the many game modes and weapons, to keep you coming back for more. The fast paced nature of the game means that you do need a pretty beffy PC to run it well, but if you got the hardware, it looks really quite pretty and the fframerate with two GTX 8800 ultras in SLI, is very passable indeed. It looks so much better than the PS3 version, and the controls are so much more responsive, which is very important in a game such as this. A good game that will keep you on your toes and coming back for more.