The best thing about this game is you really feel like a ninja when you chuck the game disk like a shuriken. (it sucks)

Rating break down:

-3 for only having 3 levels, takes about 30 min. to beat.

-2 for being frusterating, bad camera, physics, and horrible use of "motion" controls.

-2 for having no plot at all, and honestly, it can't be too hard to think up a GREAT plot for a game taking place in Candy Land with Ninjas and bad guys AKA bees and cupcakes.

-.5 for being dissapointing, the concept is so amazing, combining two of the coolest things EVER (CANDY+NINJAS) makes it look like an awesome game, when really it stinks so bad. This dissapointment alone ruins the short 30 min. the game last.

-.5 for horrible graphics, you'd think candy land would be lush and vidid, but no.

Difficulty and time spent:

This is a hard one to describe. The controls make it very frusterating, giving it the illusion of being hard, but I really can't see a game that takes 30 min.-1 hour at the MOST being hard.


As a Ninja made of gingerbread, you'll step on buttons that open portals. Along the way the kill bees and cupcakes with a sword and shuriken, both of which are very unresponsive. This gets old, even after 3 levels of frusterating platforming.


Its HORRIBLE! I mean, was this made in some guys parents BASEMENT as a last minute project for school who then tried to market it? I could make a game like this on my computer IN A DAY! So much more could have been done with this game's unique topic, but it failed miserably. I'd say I want to see a sequal of our Ninja hero, as long as its nothing like this game in any way shape of form.