A step back in terms of Gameplay

User Rating: 8 | Unreal Tournament III PC
Some people say its a graphicly enhanced UT2k4 on steriods and some people think its the true successor to its original UT99. Wich I disagree both with... UT3 is in my eyes a failed attempt to cater to the console fanbase.

I don't want this review to end up like a Wall of Text so I won't go too deep into the details of my impressions.

UI Interface feels like a console interface wich gives me the impression Epic didn't bother creating a unique menu for PC version. Available Settings are very limited compared to UT2004.

A.I hasn't improved much from UT2004 and is still broken and feels frustrating at times.

Maps are too visual centered wich leaves the map design suffer on behalf of that because a good map is not just all about fancy looking colours. Many map designs don't mix well with VCTF

UT is a very competitive game... and every time I get killed the camera immitates my death wich feels kinda cheap and only screws up my view. A Death Cam would have been really nice feauture so I can learn from my mistakes and see why I died. Wich both CoD4 and TF2 have.

Epics decision to go with Gamespy integrated Servers is big minus in my books.

If I won't criticize, Epic will keep using the same formula over and over again. So if you're in for some Online DM or CTF play then this game is satisfying. But don't expect anything huge since Epic hasn't taken the chance to add any new innovative gameplay aspects

All in all, for a game that is trying to exceed its previous titles in terms of gameplay UT3 is a bit disappointing and kind of a step backwards. Maybe my expectations were set too high since I've been anticipating this game for almost 2 years.

Campaign / Single Player 7.0

Online / Multiplayer 8.0