this is a shooter definitely one of best shooters i have played. excellent pace. extreme graphics. awesome weapons.

User Rating: 9 | Unreal Tournament III PC
this game has some killer gameplay! i recently played this game at a friends house, thinking it might be pretty awesome, and after half an hour i was hooked. the only minor glitch i saw when playing wasn't exactly a downside, because usaully it takes a good 7 shots with a pistol called the enforcer to kill them/make them explode into chunks of blood and guts, but one kill out of the 3 hours of playing, a enemy spawned, i shot him once with enforcer, and he exploded into chunks. the sniping is awesome... hearing the words "Headshot" as the enemies head pops off is really pleasing. excellent effects when it comes to sound from heavy weapons and impact. and for all those sketchy parents out there, there is a way to turn off the gore and blood, and also the language. i reccomend this game to mature 14 year olds, with the gore and language on. there are no f-bombs in the game but they do say "eff yeah" but they never actually say it. the worst the language gets is son of b**ch and d*mn and they are used more frequently then any other curse in the game. buy this game!