And I thought I was buying a good game.

User Rating: 6 | Unreal Tournament III PC
It just didn't feel like a very good game. Sure the ingredients were the same but I expected something better but it just didn't deliever. Same old formula without assault and trys to tell a story in campaign mode which kind of falls flat. They could have added assualt into the mix which would have been better. It trys to hard in delivering and succeeds visually which were fantastic both the FMV and the game environment but that's not the only thing to make a great game. I have bought the game for less than a week and I have already stopped playing as the online community is very weak and I have completed the single player within 3 days. Not to mention the continuously buggy problems hindering the game (Such as unable to save ur game progress without searching for solutions on forums).
For me, it really was very disappointing to see a great game being so .... common.