We finally get to experience the greatness that is ut3!!

User Rating: 9 | Unreal Tournament III PC
At long last we finally get to experience the greatness that is ut3.

I got my Hands on this game and I must say is nicely done version of a UT3 for 360. The game is Fast and is straight up shooter for you FPS freaks Graphics were done nicely and the Controls are nice. The game lacks single player story mode but so what. Its Unreal Tournament theres never a true storyline in the UT saga. Online Gameplay is where its at gents and ladies this game is only for Online shoot them up hardcore pick up and go people. No bots in this so it helps with reducing lag. Servers work fine,

To some ppl who are trashing this game and making people not purchase this game I got a few words to tell you:

Don't listen to people who say "this or that" and try to compare ut3 to gears of war or halo. It's not meant to be like those games. Unreal tournament has always been more about fast intense battles than immersive storylines or hundreds of different game modes which no one will play anyway.
It's all about getting into the fight as fast as possible and take as many punks out before someone turns you into a puddle of goo (which is still fine by the way). Yes halo and cod are good games but for someone who wants to just blow people up this is the game for you. Pick it up, get online and beat the hell out of everyone in site or learn how truly bad you suck and hang your head in shame for the rest of your life......

Just buy it plain and simple and let the headshots fly.

Over all if you like this game and you wanted it for the counsel get it. if your PC can work with UT3 then buy the PC version. Over this game is plain fun. Just buy and you be the judge yourself.