The Tournament returns in this graphically good looking game.

User Rating: 9 | Unreal Tournament III PC
The unreal series has been going on for quite a while. This latest game to the series shows big and small improvements. The unreal 3 engine has done it again the graphics look beautifull and the enviroments look very much real .The storyline is there but its not that great it involves matches like dm, tdm, ctf, and the new mode vctf(vehicle capture the flag).The newset mode warfare gives alot of more action in multiplayer and more focused game play in which everyone gets involved.For people who like to mod and make your own content UT3 has its very own editor,but if you want more bang for your buck I recommend modders using the UDK(Unreal Development Kit).UT3 ,good game , good multiplayer , but need better story mode.If your craving to play with people across the internet and have "unreal" fun then this game is definately for you.