What you have come to love in zelda is back, and better then ever!

The best zelda game sence "The ocarina of time"! This game is not only the best zelda game money can buy, but it is one of the best games ever created! Game play
The game play combines simple sword play with a hole lot of fun! Hack'in and slash'in enemys down has never been so fun! The lay out works pefectliy! All the buttens on the controler make sence. There are no odd butten place ments and omost no proplems with the wii remote and numcku. Basicly you just swing the remote gentley to do diffent sword moves. The numcku is self-explaneitory, move the analog stick to move link. If there is any thing bad about the lay out, it is that the remote to sencitive to your movement. I mean you could be walking and link will swing aruptly. But its easy to get used to. Score: 9 superb

There has been alot of mixed opinions about the graphics. And some of them are right, some are worng. But here is what i think. You got to understand that this is basicly a gamecube game brought over to a newer system with a few tiwks. The armour on link looks very detailed. But the good looking detail ends there. The small cracks walls and coners in the game are not smothed out and get abit sloppy. But other than that there ok. But like I said its not next gen. But it is better than any of the pevorous zedla games.
score: 8 Great

The sound and music in twilight princess are epic and legendary! It combines classic zelda "hits" with a few newer and twikied songs. Infact the sound track is so good that it is worth going to game stop and buying the cd of it! And after you hear the tracks in the game, you can't but think of the music while you think of the zelda seires. I think that it just might be one of the resons so many people buy this game. That and that this game is AWSOME!
Score: 10 perfect

I personly think that this game should sell for 65$ instead of 50$. Its just epic!! What they did with this game with a small limite of money to play with is nothing short of saggering!! I have nothing eals to say but it is just a wonderful game that not only that long time fans of the series should play, but newcomers! You will not be disopounted!!!!!
Score: 10 pefect

Reviewer's tilt
score: 10