It’s got practically everything a FPS fan could ask for, tons of guns, maps, modes, multiplayer, characters, and powerup

User Rating: 9.6 | Unreal Tournament 2004 (DVD Version) PC
No doubt this is a great Fps game to have in your collection, because all that and much more. It may be from 2004 but because of its, great low price of $10 dollars, you can't beat that!

STORY: The game follows the Landri corporations, Tournament, in which you will be a participant in and a bunch of other teammates which you pick yourself and fight, to gain the right to be there captain in this big tournament battle. There are 10 different types of game modes, and you will play in most of those modes in the single player mission, and you can play in all the modes in the Instant Action or you can just play some Multiplayer, but whatever type of mode you could think of is pretty much in this game, because you can put tons of different settings to your game mode. Here are all of them - Deathmatch - the name says it all.

Team Deathmatch - same as deathmatch but with a team (noob)

Capture the Flag - if I have to explain this, you need to go back to kindergrdn

Double Domination - 1 shiny orb in each team’s base each must be held under your teams color for 10 seconds to win.

Bombing Run 1 shiny orb in usually in the middle of the battlefield, that you must get and either toss in the hoop of the other teams, or jump in the other team’s circular hoop.

Last man Standing - rather obvious huh, Invasion - survive the invasion, and that’s pretty much it.

Mutant - Just like a deathmatch, but the first person to score a kill is the mutant and becomes very powerful and the other players are teamed up against the mutant. The person that has the lowest score is the bottom feeder and he can kill all other players.

Assault - One team plays defense and the other team plays offense, the Offense has a set of objectives and the defense have to prevent them from completing them.

Onslaught - This is my personal favorite mode - you try to make all the nodes on the battlefield your teams, kind of like connect the dots. And then once they are all your teams, you destroy your enemy’s main power node.

Well there you go, all 10 modes!

PROS: Over 100 different maps, 10 different modes, theres around 20 weapons and each one has its own secondary fire, bunch of different vehicles, decent graphics even though it was Great for its time, 12 different races and over 50 different characters each with there own abilities, sweet voice work for when your Unstoppable! It cost me only $10 for this! Great game play and selection of settings and stuff for everyone!

CONS: wow this is tough; there are so many settings and so many great things about this game I can't really think of any bad side to this game! OVERALL: this is pretty much an FPS players dream; so many different things are added to this game that, you know it was built for Multilayer mayhem! Plus for the $10 price tag, you can't go wrong here, with a classic game like this.