An expected sequel to an old favourite. OFFICIAL DEMO REVIEW!

User Rating: 7.5 | Unreal Tournament 2003 (Best Of) PC
Story: Played demo at school, then played demo at house.

Gameplay: Good but gets boring after an hour. Not sure what they could do to improve it though, maybe give more weapons? Anyway its kinda like Quake 3 only slighlty better. Plus its not fun when youre getting "owned" by a bunch of bots, or people.

Graphics: Good, but not much to comment on. Nice amount or gore and bodies falling into pieces. Overall good, but could be a little better.

Sound-Good, but announcer is too manly for my taste along with everything else. The weapon sounds are typical.

Value-I can't really help you there, but I know for sure that you can change whether your right handed, left handed, or ambidextrious. Plus you can change your FOV (Field of View.) Although personally I think there should be more weapons.

Tilt-The bottom line. its a good game, but does not deserve to be put in the videogame hallmarks.