User Rating: 8 | Unreal II: The Awakening PC
This Game looks fantastic. But I, have a old system and trying to play this game was such a b*****!!! I got a 933MHZ P3 with 384mb ram plus an old 32 meg radeon. Even with the lowest res, level details, and character details, it was hideously slow at some points later in the game. The story is alright, not the best or origional. When you first start playin this game its incredible, how the creatures and monsters jump at you and so on.... then you just fight humans with the same AI and gets REALLY repetitive. But just when you start feeling annoyed at this, the game is over! If you got a top-end system, even a 1.5ghz and above plus a good vc, you should have a better viewing experience than I did... But I did enjoy most of the game and SOme time I will get that 2.4 ghz or something like that.