Big boring linear levels, boring gunplay and bad overall design keep Unreal 2 from being a semi-decent game.

User Rating: 4 | Unreal II: The Awakening PC
I don't get it.
I just don't.
I don't get why some people ADORE this game.
It did have good graphics for the time, but good graphics are nothing without good design, and by design I mean visual design and practical design.

Granted, a couple of the weapons in this game are well designed and have neat animations, but some, like the Assault Rifle and Sniper are just ugly.
The enemies are for the most part these stupid marines with their mega master chief-like suits.
Your friends don't look that special either.
In first person shooters, I like when the guns are shown from a good perspective and that even the weaker weapons have some goddamn balls.
But in Unreal 2, most weapons feel like BB-guns.
Like how do you f**k up a magnum?
Half Life 2 with its pretty weak-feeling weapons didn't screw up the magnum.
On a side note: If you want to argue with me about the Half Life 2 weapons, then go right ahead.

There's also a level where you set up force fields and turrets and let me tell you; these must be some of the most useless piece of s**t turrets I have ever seen.
Like I'm not talking visual design here, just that they are useless as weapons. But I must say I liked the shotgun, since you can with the alt fire shoot out incendiary rounds and the finish 'em off with the normal fire.
The sniper is pretty good but it seems kind of overpowered at times, but its limited and rare ammo balances that out.

The shooting and the looting and the bada-bada-booting is piss poor.
The only tactic is to run in their face and blast the f**kers up, but you can't hide, it just doesn't work.
Even if the enemies haven't seen you they can find you.
But this game was released in 2003 so I guess I can't complain too much about the A.I.
But still, the gunplay isn't fun at all, it feels so boring and frustrating.

Walking around the levels is a pain in the ass too, since the levels are big, but linear and your character is slow as hell too.
And you can't say that it's not linear if there are two ways that you can go, but those two ways always lead up to the same place or then the other one leads to nowhere and the other one leads to the place where you need to go.
The overall level design is forgettable and is also very frustrating.

In a nutshell; the gameplay sucks.
Now, I'm going to move to the sound design.
The weapons for the most part looked bad, felt bad, and the sound effects would help but they don't, just bland sounds, but they're not that bad, they're OK I guess, but they don't have balls either.
The uninteresting story has something to do with you having to retrieve seven artifacts, and along the way you meet some forgettable characters,
basically, you don't give a crap about the characters or the story.

But at least the characters have personalities.
The game has a kind of cool techno sci-fi feeling to it when you start playing, but it fades away later on.
Although the mood while fighting one of the bosses was kinda cool, but it won't fix the game.

Design 4/10
Gameplay 9/20
Story 4/10
Mood & Atmosphere 3/10
4 – POOR
You could call it a guilty pleasure, and you can enjoy the gameplay somehow but the boring shooting á la King of the hill and Run-through-baddies-while-they-lie-down-to-the-ground-and-spit-up-their-own-blood
wasn't done well in my opinion and I didn't enjoy it.