if only it was made of gold

this game littrely made me crap my pants thats how good it is honestly words can not express my fealings this is such a must buy that if you dont buy it then your just crazy. some people think this game is repetitive but if you have a friend with this game it will never get old. there are literaly hundreds apon hundreds of pices of armor and weapons although they could have added more waverins the creatures are plenty if this game were on the ps2 it would get a 9 from me but just the fact that you can take this leteraly anywhere you go makes this so much better the developers could have made the camera angles better and the difficulty could have been taken down a very small notch but still this is a true jem that needs an award rhe only reason it gets a low score frome websites and cretics is because he only look at a small picture not the whole frame buy this now its only 40 dollars of well spent money