Unreal II: The Awakening Cheats For PC

  1. View Dance party and balloon mania

    Dance party:

    Make sure you save your game before trying out this trick, You'll need your saved game to keep on playing after doing this trick.

    After saving while still playing the game, type the open atlantis?missioncompleted=83 cheat and press [Enter]. This will load a secret interlude that features lots of Sea Goats dancing on the bridge of the Atlantis, with balloons and a shiny Unreal Logo.

    Balloon Mania
    make sure you save your game before before trying out this trick, You'll need your saved game to resume play after doing this trick.

    At any time while playing the game, type the open atlantis?missioncompleted=110276 cheat and press [Enter]. This will load a secret interlude. This time, it is in your cabin/living quarters. They are filled with floating Sea Goat and Lincoln balloons. There are more balloons outside your cabin.

    Contributed by: mypantsaresobaggy 

  2. Lincoln's Distress Signal

    The first time you are on the Atlantis, head forward from your ship. Climb up the ladder and head to the left, then turn around. Walk down the hallway until you see a panel on the floor which can be opened. Inside you will see a small animal called a ''Seagoat''. ''Talk'' to it with the Use key and answer it's questions in the following order:

    (1) Spam

    (3) Spam

    (2) Spam

    (3) Humbug

    The Seagoat will then disappear and the text ''Lincoln is pleased'' will appear. Head down to the briefing room and talk to Aida to begin the briefing. When she shows you the distress signal she received, it will show Abraham Lincoln's face instead of the usual marine, and say ''Lincoln A'' in the corner of the message.

    Contributed by: Turtle500 

  3. Hidden Message

    Go inside of Isaak's work area. Behind where Isaak stands to brief you on your weapons is a wall; follow the wall left until it ends. You'll be looking at a corner of the room and a desktop (which will hold several artifacts later in the game). Turn around and crouch; nearby on your right is a rectangular piece of machinery on the floor. Look closely at it near the top to see a hidden message!


    Contributed by: dmc001 

  4. Spawning enemies and allies

    First, use the ''bemymonkey'' (it is not case sensitive) command to enable cheats. Then use the ''sum'' command to spawn one of the entities in this list.

    For example, ''sum u2pawns.u2izarian'' would spawn an Izarian with an energy rifle. This takes a few seconds to activate.

    Here's the entire list.

    Code Effect
    U2Pawns.U2AraknidLight Araknid Light
    U2Pawns.U2AraknidMedium Araknid Medium
    U2Pawns.U2AraknidHeavy Araknid Heavy
    U2Pawns.U2Izarian Izarian
    U2Pawns.U2MarineLight Marine Light
    U2Pawns.U2MarineMedium Marine Medium
    U2Pawns.U2MarineHeavy Marine Heavy
    U2Pawns.U2MercFemLight Mercenary Female Light
    U2Pawns.U2MercFemMedium Mercenary Femaie Medium
    U2Pawns.U2MercFemHeavy Mercenary Female Heavy
    U2Pawns.U2MercJapLight Mercenary Jap Light
    U2Pawns.U2MercJapMedium Mercenary Jap Medium
    U2Pawns.U2MercJapHeavy Mercenary Jap Heavy
    U2Pawns.U2SkaarjLight Skaarj Light
    U2Pawns.U2SkaarjMedium Skaarj Medium
    U2Pawns.U2SkaarjHeavy Skaarj Heavy
    U2Pawns.U2Tosc Tosc
    U2Pawns.U2DrakkDroid Drakk Droid
    U2Pawns.U2DrakkLight Drakk Light
    U2Pawns.U2DrakkMedium Drakk Medium
    U2Pawns.U2DrakkBoss Drakk Boss
    U2Pawns.Aida Aida
    U2Pawns.Isaak Isaak
    U2Pawns.Neban Neban
    U2Pawns.U2KaiClothed Kai Clothed
    U2Pawns.U2CivilianScientist Civilian Scientist
    U2Pawns.U2ColonistHumanFemaleA Colonist Human Female A
    U2Pawns.U2ColonistHumanMaleA Colonist Human Male A
    U2Pawns.U2SpecialCivilian Special Civilian
    U2Pawns.RaffTrainingBot Raff Training Bot
    U2Pawns.U2Cockroach Cockroach
    U2Pawns.U2Cyprid Cyprid
    U2Pawns.U2MegaParata Mega Parata
    U2Pawns.U2MegaSnipe Mega Snipe
    U2Pawns.U2MiniMukhogg Mini Mukhogg
    U2Pawns.U2Seagoat Seagoat
    U2Pawns.U2Parata Parata
    U2Pawns.U2Rammer Rammer
    U2Pawns.U2Snipe Snipe
    U2Pawns.U2FlyingSnake Flying Snake
    U2Pawns.U2Hummer Hummer
    U2Pawns.U2Spore Spore
    U2Pawns.U2Diver Diver
    U2Pawns.U2Bellowfish Bellowfish
    U2Pawns.U2KillerSprout Killer Sprout
    U2Pawns.U2KillerTadpole Killer Tadpole
    U2Pawns.U2PinwheelFish Pinwheel Fish
    U2Pawns.U2Schoolfish Schoolfish
    U2Pawns.U2Uglyfish Uglyfish
    U2Pawns.U2WaterDipper Water Dipper
    U2Pawns.U2Bat Bat
    U2Pawns.U2CleaningBot Cleaning Bot
    U2Pawns.U2RepairBot Repair Bot
    U2Pawns.U2IceWorm Ice Worm
    U2Pawns.U2ShianWarrior Shian Warrior
    U2Pawns.U2ShianWorker Shian Worker
    U2Pawns.U2Jellyfish Jellyfish
    U2Pawns.U2TubeWorm Tube Worm
    U2Pawns.U2NStriderSmall Small Strider
    U2Pawns.U2NStriderLarge Large Strider
    U2Pawns.U2Forager Forager
    U2Pawns.U2Chiton Chiton
    U2Pawns.U2SentryBot Sentry Bot

    Contributed by: Sb27441X 

  5. Unreal II Codes

    Press ~ during game play and enter the following codes. Type "Bemymonkey" to activate cheat mode.

    Code Effect
    toggleservos Animation Servos
    difficulty(number) Change Game Difficulty
    Bemymonkey Toggle Cheat Mode
    God Toggle God Mode
    Toggleinfiniteammo Toggle Infinite Ammo
    Allammo Gives 999 ammo
    Invisible [1 or 0] Turn on (1) or turn off (0) invisibility
    SetWeaponTrick [1 or 0] Turn weapon trick on or off
    ManCannon(number) Damage All Visible Pawns
    ToggleSpeed Double Speed
    fly Flight Mode
    EnableFreeOrders(0 or 1) Free Orders
    ToggleFreezeView Freeze View
    GibHitNPC Gib NPC Under Crosshair
    GodEx (actor) God Mode For Selected Actor
    HurtMe (number) Harm Player A Specific Amount
    ToggleImpacts Impacts
    KillHitActor Kill Actor Under Crosshair
    KillActor (actor) Kill Indicated Actor
    KillHitNPC Kill NPC Under Crosshairs
    Actors List All Actors
    Open (map name) Map Select
    ghost Activate Noclip mode
    walk Normal movement (deactivates noclip or fly mode)
    loaded All weapons
    phoenix Enable/disable Phoenix Powersuit
    teleport Teleport to location at crosshairs
    nextlevel Warp to next map level
    behindview 1 for 3rd person view, 0 for normal 1st person
    killactivenpcs Kill all active NPC entities
    killdormantnpcs Kill all dormant NPC entities
    togglehud Enable/disable Heads-Up Display
    freecamera 1 to enable free camera movement, 0 to disable
    DamageNPCs (number) Specify Damage to NPCs
    PO Players Only
    ToggleRMode Rmode
    ToggleScoreBoard Scoreboard
    CheatView (actor) See View From Indicated Actor
    SetCameraDist (number) Set Camera Distance
    SetJumpZ (number) Set Jump Height
    SetParticleDestiny (number) Set Particle Destiny
    SetEyeHeight Set Player Eye Height
    SetMyHealth(number) Set Player Health
    ChangeSize(number) Set Player Size
    SetSpeed (number) Set Player Speed
    ToggleShowAll Show Hidden Actors
    ToggleShowKPs Show Keypoints
    ToggleShowNPs Show Navigation Points
    ShowTeams Show Player Teams
    SloMo (number) Slow Motion
    Sum (item name) Spawn Indicated Item
    Damage (number, target) Specify Damage to Target
    SetHealth (number, Target) Specify Health to Target
    Goodies (number, number) Summon Array of Goodies
    ViewSelf Target Camera on Player
    ToggleTimeDemo Time Demo
    ToggleInvisibility Toggle Invisiblity
    ToggleReloads Toggle Reloads
    SetWeaponFire (0 or 1) Weapon Firing
    Amphibious Underwater Mode

    Contributed by: insannescorp55 

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