Unreal II: The Awakening Special Edition Cheats For PC

  1. Various Codes

    Press ~ During Gameplay and enter the codes

    Code Effect
    bemymonkey Cheat Mode
    God God Mode
    Invisible Invisibility Mode
    goodies 0 100 Get every Weapon
    AllAmmo Full Ammo for All Your Weapons
    GodEx <actor> God Mode for Actor
    Phoenix Phoenix Powersuit
    FearMe Enemies are Afraid
    Ghost Ghost Mode
    Fly Flight Mode
    Amphibious Underwater Mode
    Walk Go To Walk Mode
    SloMo <#> Slow Motion
    SetJumpZ <#> Set Jump Height
    ToggleInfiniteAmmo Unlimited Ammo
    ToggleReloads Reloads On/Off
    ToggleInvisibility Invisibility On/Off
    Teleport Teleport
    NextLevel Go to Next Level
    Open <Map Name> Go to Map
    ToggleSpeed Double Speed
    SetSpeed <#> Change Speed
    ChangeSize <#> Change Side
    TogglePawnInvulnerability <pawn> Invincible Pawn
    Goodies <#>, <#> Get Goodies
    Sum <item/pawn name> Summon indicated item/pawn
    Actors See Actors List
    GotoActor <actor> Go to Actor Location
    Damage <#>, <target name> Give Damage to the indicated thing
    DamageNPCs <#> Give specified Damage to NPCs
    SetHealth <#>, <Target Name> Give Health to Indicated Thing
    SetMyHealth <#> Set Health
    HurtMe <#> Hurt Self
    ManCannon <#> Hurt all Pawns
    ToggleServos Animation on/off
    ShowTeams See Teams
    Difficulty <#> Change Difficulty
    CheatView <actor name> See what the actor sees
    ViewSelf Put Camera on Player
    ToggleTimeDemo Time Demo On/Off
    ToggleScoreBoard Score Board On/Off
    EnableFreeOrders <0/1> Free Orders On/Off
    BehindView Behind View On/Off
    SetParticleDensity <#> Particle Density is changed
    ToggleImpacts Impacts On/Off
    SetWeaponTick <0/1> Weapon Tick On/Off
    SetWeaponFire <0/1> Weapon Fire On/Off
    ToggleShowAll See the hidden actors
    ToggleShowKPs See Keypoints
    ToggleShowNPs See Navigation points
    ToggleRMode R Mode on/off
    SetEyeHeigth <#> Change Eye Height
    Kill Actor <Actor Name> Kill Actor
    KillHitActor Kill Actor Under Crosshair
    KillHitNPC Kill NPC Under Crosshair
    KillActiveNPCS Kill all NPCS
    KillDormantNPCS Kill all NPCS
    GibAllNPCS Gib All NPCs
    GibHitNPC Gib NPCs under Crosshair
    PO Players On/Off
    ToggleFreezeView Freeze View On/Off
    ToggleHUD Hud On/Off
    gesture Different 3rd Person Animations
    SetCameraDist <#> Change Camera Distance
    FreeCamera <0/1> Free Camera Mode On/Off
    SetFogR <#> Change Red Fog
    SetFogG <#> Change Green Fog
    SetFogB <#> Change Blue Fog
    SetFOV <#> Change Field of View
    SendEvent ToggleSummonMenu Creature Summon Menu
    SendEvent ToggleDebugMenu Debug Menu
    SetFlash <#> Screen Flash
    ShowViewLine Line shows where you are looking
    ToggleFOV <#> Change Field of View Zoom

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

  2. Item Names

    Enter with item code

    Code Effect
    ammoAssaultRifle Assault Rifle Ammo
    ammoEnergyRifle Energy Rifle Ammo
    ammoFlameThrower Flame Thrower Ammo
    ammoGrenadeConcussion Grenade Concussion Ammo
    ammoGrenadeEMP Grenade EMP Ammo
    ammoGrenadeFragment Grenade Fragment Ammo
    ammoGrenadeIncendiary Grenade Incendiary Ammo
    ammoGrenadeToxic Grenade Toxic Ammo
    ammoLaserRifle Laser Rifle Ammo
    ammoPistol Pistol Ammo
    ammoRocketLauncher Rocket Launcher Ammo
    ammoShotgun Shotgun Ammo
    ammoSmokeGrenade Smoke Grenade Ammo
    AutoTurretPickup Pickup Autoturret
    FieldGeneratorPickup Pick up Field Generator
    ProximitySensorPickup Pick Up Proximity Sensor
    RocketTurretPickup Pickup Rocket Turret
    weaponAssaultRifle Assault Rifle
    weaponEnergyRifle Energy Rifle
    weaponFlameThrower Flamethrower
    weaponGrenadeLauncher Grenade Launcher
    weaponLaserRifle Laser Rifle
    weaponLeechGun Leech Gun
    weaponPistol Pistol
    weaponRocketLauncher Rocket Launcher
    weaponShotgun Shotgun
    weaponSingularityCannon Singularity Cannon
    weaponSniperRifle Sniper Rifle
    weaponTakkra Takkra

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

  3. Pawn Names

    Enter with the Pawn Code

    Code Effect
    U2AraknidLight Araknid Light
    U2AraknidMedium Araknid Medium
    U2AraknidHeavy Araknid Heavy
    U2Izarian Izarian
    U2MarineLight Marine Light
    U2MarineMedium Marine Medium
    U2MarineHeavy Marine Heavy
    U2MercFemLight Merc Fem Light
    U2MercFemMedium Merc Fem Medium
    U2MercFemHeavy Merc Fem Heavy
    U2MercJapLight Merc Jap Light
    U2MercJapMedium Merc Jap Medium
    U2MercJapHeavy Merc Jap Heavy
    U2SkaarjLight Skaarj Light
    U2SkaarjMedium Skaarj Medium
    U2SkaarjHeavy Skaarj Heavy
    U2Tosc Tosc
    U2DrakkDroid Drakk Droid
    U2DrakkLight Drakk Light
    U2DrakkMedium Drakk Medium
    U2DrakkBoss Drakk Boss
    Aida Aida
    Isaak Isaak
    Neban Neban
    U2KaiClothed Kai Clothed
    U2CivilianScientist Civilian Scientist
    U2ColonoistHumanFemaleA Colonist Human Female
    U2ColonistHumanMaleA Colonist Human Male
    U2SpecialCivilian Special Civilian
    RaffTrainingBot Raff Training Bot
    U2Cockroach Cockroach
    U2Cyprid Cyprid
    U2MegaParata Mega Parata
    U2MegaSnipe Mega Snipe
    U2MiniMukhogg Mini Mukhogg
    U2Seagoat Seagoat
    U2Parata Parata
    U2Rammer Rammer
    U2Snipe Snipe
    U2FlyingSnake Flying Snake
    U2Hummer Hummer
    U2Spore Spore
    U2Diver Diver
    U2Bellowfish Bellow Fish
    U2KillerSprout Killer Sprout
    U2KillerTadpole Killer Tadpole
    U2PinwheelFish Pinwheel Fish
    U2Schoolfish School Fish
    U2Uglyfish Ugly Fish
    U2WaterDipper Water Dipper
    U2Bat Bat
    U2CleaningBot Cleaning Bot
    U2RepairBot Repair Bot
    U2IceWorm Ice Worm
    U2ShianWarrior Shian Warrior
    U2ShianWorker Shian Worker
    U2Jellyfish Jelly Fish
    U2TubeWorm Tube Worm
    U2NStriderSmall NStrider Small
    U2NStriderLarge NStrider Large
    U2Forager Forager
    U2Chiton Chiton
    U2SentryBot Sentry Bot

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

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