All-Play was a really bad move made by EA Sports this year.

Madden is back! A great series in itself, Madden has presented great games ever since Madden NFL 2004. But 09 All-Play was a shocker.

The player weapons that were featured last year, were given out to freely to players. Still no weapons for kickers and punters. No create-a-anything sends this game down the toilet for me. Getting rid of the salary cap was a good option to put in the games this year.

Players are much slower than last year, even if their speed has improved over the last year. Which makes it a nightmare for Quaterbacks like Brett Farve and Kerry Colins.

Controls are very good this year, however, manualing catching the football is a nightmare, so is breaking tackles. The All-Play passing feature doesn't work. If I try to throw to Randy Moss, with All-Play on, I end up throwing to Maroney.

Celebrations are pathetic! You stand there waving your arms about. If you're with your friends, they'll probably think "He's/she's a nutter".

Madden NFL 09 All-Play is average, if you keep All-Play on. If you don't have it on, it's ten times better. It's worth checking out... ONLY if you play on All-Madden or All-Pro.