User Rating: 9 | Unreal Championship (Xbox World Collection) XBOX
What's up with ddraigcymraeg that rated this game a 5 and sauce witch rated this game a 5.8? This may not be the best shooters ever made, but it is one of the most FUN shooters I ever played. The Single Player mode you play in a championship which is pure FUN, it has Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Survival, Capture the Flag, Bombing Run, and Double Domination games and the team that has the most points in the end wins. You can pick A LOT of characters to play in the championship. There is A LOT of different environments you can play on. You can pick out your own team name in the championship and a symbol for your team. A LOT of different weapons too! This game also has different agilities. It lets choose if you want your teamates in offence, defence, etc... Oh, and you can double-jump in this game too, to help you jump farther. Something that they did in this game and it's preety interesting is the commentary which actually works quite well for a shooter. This game is so cool, they made a championship that is unreal, but it is so fun to pick up and play. You can play multiplayer in split-screen and System Link, but the most fun way to play this game is through Xbox Live, the game is simply AWESOME if you play through Xbox Live, There is A LOT of people playing online at any time, and it is very cool to play with a bunch of people together. This game also has a Download Content feature witch you can download new environments, characters, etc.. Oh yes, Atari has finally made a stunning shooter for the Xbox, and I must congratulate them because this game is superb looking. Overall I just recommend this to anyone looking for a brutal action that is FUN to play.