Yep, the most boring gamecube game I ever played in my life...

User Rating: 2 | Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure GC
I was in Gamestop , and I was in the Gamecube section, and my eyes caught this game! It impressed me at first because it was Universal Studios, and I love this Amusement Park, I didn't bought it because I didn't have any money, then at Christmas, my parents bought it for me and I didn't even put it to my list! Cool, I said and then I went to my room to immediately played it and I couldn't beleive what I heard and saw!

Here are the CONS of this game, it was so horrible it didn't have any PROS:

1. Eye-bleeding graphics
2. BORING and disatrous gameplay
3. Sound was repetitive and annoying
4. The places (atractions) were NOT entertaing at all! And come on, what happened to EARTHQUAKE, KING-KONG and TWISTER??? Those attractions still existed at that time!
5. The game was unbelivebably short and stupid! Why doesn't Woddy Woodpecker just shut the h**l up!

I think that the most entertaining part was breaking the CD!!!