COD WW sticks to the style of COD4, while adding a few little twists in the gameplay.

Having only played COD 4 out of all the Call of Duty games, my experience in this series is relatively shallow. However, World at War does the same good job as Modern Warfare, and improves on it slightly.

In Call of Duty 4 campaign, players were simply made to follow the AI characters, gunning down hostiles and infiltrating bases, with very little creativity involved. In World at War, there are plenty more ways to take down targets and acomplish objectives. For example, in Modern Warfare the only way to take down an MG position was simply charging the position and killing the gunner. In Call of Duty 5, it is possible to take down the position with a grenade launcher, a missile strike, storming the position, flanking it or burning the entire place with a flamethrower. Grenades also seem a tad more useful in Call of Duty 5 than in Modern Warfare, where the grenades were more or less pretty useless. However, I do wish to complain about the guns. The guns in WW are terribly backdated, and the Japanese guns can only hold about 5 shots before requiring reload, making gunfights a torrid affair. Also, the insane amount of banzai warriors are irritiating, although easy to slay.