Oh nuts another really bad game, this is like the gamecube's superman 64 lol.

User Rating: 3.6 | Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure GC
Ok so in universal studios you get to play different games of popular movies. You get to play has an E.T level in which you basically have to reach and bring E.T to his ship. Is sort of mediocre and just way short. Then you have jurassic park which is basically shooting down all the dinosaurs chasing you. Is fairly decent but playing it for 2nd time will become easily boring. The fire game that is the most varied one let's you take down fire, avoid it and save people at least from what I remember. I don't like remembering bad games that's all. The back to the future game was perhaps the best looking one with different places to go through.

Yet the thing here is that all of this games get boring easily once you play them more than one time. Why? Because simply none of this games are solid enough to enjoy. Simply play them once and just finish with it. The only positive thing I would say about this is that the idea of running around a park is pretty good. The rest of the game pretty much sucks.