who in there right mind make a game where you pick up trash?????

User Rating: 1.5 | Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure GC
By far the worst game ever made.

there is almost no point of this game at all, no story, no plot, no nothing but little boring mini game things, and there is only like 10 minigame things you can do. and why the heck did they give this game a T rating?!?!?! for mild violence?!?!?! thats it?.....the only thing good in this game is the somewhat ok graphics. all you do is run around doing little boring minigames(which there is only like 10 of) . this game is a waste of money trust me, the only one who plays this game (that I know of) is my little 7 year old brother, and even he only plays it like every 5 months or so.