Avoid - Even if in the bargain bin.

User Rating: 3.2 | Universal Combat PC
I guess I should have known from the number of second hand copies of this game, all selling for what seemed a bargain price, that the promise and the actual game were two entirely different things. The cover showed a game that was like Halo meets Freelancer; maybe that game exists in here somewhere, but I'm afraid I don't have the patience to get there. The initial interface is the most user unfriendly I've ever come across, nothing as simple as "Start Campaign" for this game, oh no... Oh, and there's no tutorials either, which would have been quite useful as there's 2 whole pages of keys instructions (helpfully, not laid out on a picture of a keyboard) so you start a quick battle to get used to the keys, only to get shot while trying to find what key is "Go Left"... I managed to get a "Roam" campaign started, I was thrown out in my ship next to this big blue plate that was apparently "Earth", next to a docking station that wouldn't let me dock. I was not aware of the name Derek Smart before, but I was aware of the game "Battle-cruiser Millennium" and the yawning chasm between it's promise and actual game. I will avoid anything attached to that name in future.