My first Elder Scrolls game, coming from a Fallout 3 fan.

This is my review of Skyrim, currently 14hrs into the game, and my first Elder Scrolls experience. Currently my top pic for GOTY.

-Amazing visuals. My old gtx260 is running this game smoothly at High Quality, and I'm loving it. Everything from the small textures, lighting, everything... Big upgrade from the New Vegas engine.
-Voice actors nailed it. Everything is well planned out, it doesnt sound like some cheap highschool play. Good job on the casting Bethesda.
-Gameplay is as immersive and controllable as other RPGS like ME and Deus Ex. I love switching from my Firespells to a Healingspell with a shield armed. The computer AI is a bit more advanced than New Vegas/Fallout3.
-Story....As I said, this is my first Elder Scrolls game, but I'm definitely getting into the story and world all together...I did not want to leave my computer chair...

Cons: (very slight cons)
-Companion AI is still stupid, you'll find yourself Waiting just so your companion will spawn next to you. They also love falling into traps and getting themselves killed zzzzz...
-Little glitches here and there, but its expected. Clipping, random mobs spawning out of nowhere. But definitely not as buggy as New Vegas was at launch.

All in all, I have been converted to Elder Scrolls. Skyrim is the best game of the year, above Deus Ex, DAO2, etc.