Uncharted 2 is the defenition of a great adventure.

User Rating: 10 | Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS3
Review by PaladinPaterson

Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves

Nathan Drake is back! Yes... Chris Red-field... without the steroids.
Uncharted 2 is the sequel to one of the first games on the PS3. It acts as a action/ third person shooter and is one of the only reasons why your PS3 shouldn't be carrying dust. Uncharted 3 is due out in a couple weeks, so I thought id make a couple more Uncharted junkies before then. Developers Naughty Dog made sure that the game felt like an interactive blockbuster movie; and ultimately, they made a perfect game.

You didn't have to play the first Uncharted to enjoy this installment (Uncharted one doesn't compare). The game opens with cocky treasure hunter, Nathan Drake awakens on a train about to fall off a cliff. The story will then shift back two months before Nathans tragic situation, where fellow treasure hunters Chole and Harry have a job for Nathan. They need his help in following the lost adventures of Marco Polo. Their adventure begins in a dangerously guarded museum and after a brutal number of betrayals, Nathan must follow Marcos fading trail alone... not knowing if he should trust his long time friends or go at it alone. The story for the most part, feels like it fell out of a fast-paced adventure film. The story will be remembered for its unforgettable characters, quirky jokes, and shocking betrayals. Think of the Uncharted series as a modern day Indiana Jones film, but expect excitement and the exclusion of CGI gofers.

The gameplay fits right into the world. The action/ third-person shooter genre fits like a glove for this action packed adventure. Nathan can hold a primary weapon and a side arm which he will use in insane ways. You can free-run while shooting up your enemies from anywhere on the field... as in you can hang onto a ledge and blow your enemies away with your pistol shotgun. Melee also has a big effect on the game, where simply punching an enemy wont do. The game will take you through a real-time combat sequence where Nathan must dodge incoming melee moves to land his powerful swing on the enemies weak point. And if you come from behind an enemy you can silently preform a stealth kill.

The world of Uncharted 2 will take you on a global journey all the way from Turkey to the frozen Tibetan mountains. Nathan Drake is literally one of the most well made characters in any adventure you will take. His heroism towards his friends and his sarcastic attitude makes you glad that you didn't pick up "Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull" instead. Plus he swears a lot... no bar of soap could tame him!

Online multiplayer is a step up from what the Gears Of War series stood for. Sure Gears Of War has lumber jack tools attached to their guns, but Uncharted has fun, fair, classic game-modes for the whole family to enjoy! The maps are good fun to free run on and even more exhilarating to battle on. There are co-op game modes which lets you and two friends experience campaign based missions together. When playing multiplayer, players choose two boost abilities that can be used in-game to give you a fair edge in the fray.

Conclusion: Uncharted 2 is an adventure that any gamer or moviegoer should experience and is overall one of my favorite games. The overall story and game-play have no flaws. Its won many game of the year awards for 2009, not only because nothing good came out in 2009, but because it is the definition of a great game. Just bring out something humanly captivating and exciting, and the rest will follow. That's why they should stop making games based off of movies.