They tried to make a Comix Zone 2...BUT THEY TOTALLY FAILED!!

User Rating: 4 | Unbound Saga PSP
This game has cool stuff...but hey,it's so bad lol.It could have been a wonderful game,but the flaws,lack of intelligent stuff,and the bad controls,made this game,a horrible one...I liked to play the first 20 seconds,then i realized that the game was really bad,but i couldn't believe it,and i tried one more time to play the game...I played,i liked the first minute,then i thought for myself,maybe this game is a total failure because,it has nothing good at all...They tried to make a Comix Zone sequel,but this is more a prequel,because it is worst,in every ways...The game could have been so great,but it is so boring,the controls are bad,and even the upgrades are bad,even to choose something.or to do some tricks,the game is bad...i gave it a 4,because i liked some little parts of the game,the funny parts,it has some funny parts for adults,i like'd that,but the whole game has no meaning,no brain,and if it was a game without meaning but fun like Serious Sam,ok...but no it is not like Serious Sam,it really is bad,worst that you could imagine...i finished the game because every time i start to play a game i need to finish it,and that's why i am now making this review,because i played the whole game,and hey,it is bad...the graphics could be the best part of the game but...they're also a little...bad lol...Yeah,forget this game, don't you waste time..