Ultratron Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    EMP shocked 50 enemies in one blast And This!
    Double three way bouncy max power rapid fire gun Ultimate
    Drone survived 30 levels Tenacious D 30
    Vanquished 10000 enemies 10000 kills
    Collected 10 fruits 10 fruits
    30 kills with a single grenade Commando
    Shooty pet levelled up to maximum Max Shooty Pet Level
    Maxed turbo power and recharge XR3iTurbonutterbastard
    Rocket pet levelled up to maximum Max Rocket Pet Level
    Drone survived 20 levels Tenacious D 20
    Held one or more pets for 20 levels without dropping Barbara Woodhouse
    Collected 50 fruits 50 fruits
    Smartbombed 50 enemies with one blast Salvation
    Upgraded all pets to maximum parameters Max Pet Upgrades
    Grenade add-on upgrades maxed Max Grenade Upgrades
    Vanquished 5000 enemies 5000 kills
    EMP shocked 25 enemies in one blast And That!
    Quantum-shifted through a boss Unexpected Item In Bagging Area
    Held one or more pets for 10 levels without dropping Crufts
    Maximum dot slurp range Slurp
    Maximum droid power Max Power
    Maximum drone upgrades Superdrones
    Defeated two bosses Double Dose
    Upgraded rocket pet to maximum Max Rocket Pet
    Double three way bouncy bezerk gun Crazy
    Detonated 10 bombfruits Fruit Flatus
    Detonated 50 smartbombs in a single game Smartbombtastic
    Single drone shot down 100 enemy bullets Drone Bullet Kills
    Beat a level without firing a single shot Supervisory Position
    Upgraded laser pet to maximum Max Laser Pet
    Held one or more pets for 5 levels without dropping His Master's Voice
    Collected 25 fruits 25 fruits
    Upgraded shooty pet to maximum Max Shooty Pet
    20 kills with a single grenade Bombadier
    Maximum shields Max Shields
    EMP shocked 10 enemies in one blast Take That!
    Defeated Letum Letum
    Drone survived 10 levels Tenacious D 10
    Single drone vanquished 250 enemies Drone Enemy Kills
    Consumed 10 consecutive fruits Healthy Diet
    Maximum score multiplier Times 5 Multiplier
    Smartbombed 25 enemies with one blast Redemption
    Defeated Lues Lues
    Awesome double three way bouncy gun Awesome
    Got 100% on a dodge stage The Artful Dodger
    10 kills with a single grenade Grenadier
    Vanquished 2500 enemies 2500 kills
    Player has fired 10000 shots in a game 10000 shots fired
    Full complement of smartbombs Max Smarts
    Defeated Bellum Bellum
    Survived assault level without taking damage Assault Survivor
    Got 100% on a challenge stage Challenge Perfect
    Smartbombed 10 enemies with one blast Vengeance
    Collected 1000 dots 1000 dots
    Vanquished 1000 enemies 1000 kills
    Defeated Ieiunitas Ieiunitas
    Collected 500 dots 500 dots
    Vanquished 500 enemies 500 kills
    Collected 250 dots 250 dots
    Collected 100 dots 100 dots
    Player has fired 1000 shots in a game 1000 shots fired
    Vanquished 100 enemies 100 kills

    Contributed by: Guard Master