Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Complete the game without buying anything from the shops. $core Matters?
    In Zone 4 ride a platform into lava. Calima Shatiday
    Kill 10 large water serpents without losing a life. Dragonstomper
    Complete the game on Easy difficulty with a good ending. Everyone's a Winner!
    Complete Zone 1 without getting killed by a frog even once. Frog This!
    Complete the game on Normal difficulty with a good ending. Girls Rule
    Clear Zone 0 without taking any damage I'm a Leaf in the Wind
    Buy all weapon upgrades. Inalienable Right
    Trigger 7 mines via proximity without losing a life. Minesweeper
    Complete the game on Hardcore difficulty with a good ending. Much Skill! So Pro!
    Kill 4 orange centipedes without losing a life Pro Debugger
    Complete the game with a bad ending on any difficulty. Still Worth It
    Play Zone 3 all the way to the boss without letting a single enemy escape. The Pink Wizard
    Buy all armor upgrades. Very Kk-KLKK
    Watch the entire credits without skipping. Wanderer

    Contributed by: Guard Master