Poor audio, cell-shaded & long learning curve. When overcome GT Pro is a decent racer.

Japanese racer. The game boosts Japanese culture right at the start. the game's in a cell-shaded/anime style. Especially Initial D is a show which the game's reminded of. Cultural influences shows a great deal when you read reviews of a game like this, if you live outside Japan there's a chance that you've no interest in this game. You might not know what Initial D is or might not appreciate the common cartoon culture japan has.

GT Pro Series is played in similar ways as Gran Turismo, there are tons of cars & upgrades. You play in championship & undergo license tests. You unlock cars & upgrades during the course of the game. The game also offer other modes, such as VS, Quick Race & Drift Combo. GT Pro Series has a great load of influence from Initial D making "drifting" a important aspect of the game, you need to learn how to drift to be able to gain success in this game. There's no brake before the corner and go trough it slowly, in this game we drift through corner and try to stay away from the brake.

Because this is such an important aspect of the game it adds a learning curve, this game can be problematic at start, and there are 90 graded corners continuously after each other. The game's played with the wiimote/steering wheel, there's several different control schemes to be used.

The game boost an electronic melody soundtrack, the melodies are quite easy to remember but they aren't anything spectacular.

The cars don’t sound really sound like real cars, but this game isn't about being real anyway. The cars have a realistic approach but are all cell-shaded giving them a serious anime-kindish look.

GT Pro Series isn't a game for everyone, it will mostly only to appeal a certain audience, the kind of audience who likes Japanese culture, cell-shading & Initial D.

The game features the Trueno from initial D, there's also a downhill mountain track which seems to copy the first downhill race track in Initial D. It's things like this which makes GT Pro Series such a cool game.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the game comes with a steering wheel, but some of us don't want to play with the steering wheel, therefore we get to pay extra. It would have been much better if the steering wheel was sold separately.

The cars in the game looks good, they are all nicely done cell shaded, giving you the feeling that you're playing an anime movie. All the cars in the game are by Japanese manufacturers, and there are lots of them. There are several upgrades for the cars which you gain by winning championships, each upgrade (horn, headlight, engine, brakes etc) have an effect on your car and usually it has a physical effect as well. There's nice effects on-screen when your car is drifting making it look cool & movie-like.

The tracks are where it gets ugly, I wish they would have kept the cool cell-shaded aspect for the environment as well. Flat tress & bushes shouldn't be allowed in today's age. Especially tracks which features much grass, trees & bushes looks awful. Tracks inside the city however look more pleasing. Another problem is that hardly any of the tracks have any remarks; they are all just plain simple in design. There’s no Ridge Racer stuff here, no fancy waterfalls or certain objects which makes you remember the stage. There are 10 tracks in the game; you get to play them reversed as well. I wish there were more tracks and that more detail had went into the making of them. The tracks are in 4 directories, 3 tracks are in "course track" directory. The course tracks are similar as to these Formula 1 tracks, in a stadium with lots of green grass. Another 3 tracks are in a "city tracks", these tracks are great. Especially one track is memorable because it had the huge Tokyo tower in it. Another 2 tracks are in the "mountain tracks", this is mostly downhill racing with lots of curves. In these tracks you get to see some awful ugly trees / bushes. And the last 2 tracks are in the "small city tracks", the environment reminds me of eastern USA, with palms and low building near the beach. I wish they had made 10 different kinds of tracks instead, and not kept them in these directories making 3 tracks looks similar etc.

The tracks in the game can be a nightmare, even after several hours spent on them they might still be a problem, you need to learn to drift to be able to make a perfect run. This takes a while to do, at the start of the championship mode it doesn't really matter how you drive, because you'll most probably win. But later on you need to learn how to drift. But when you do master the drifting technique, the game start to feel too easy.

There are only 10 music tracks in the game, and only 4 of them are played during racing. They will get into your head, not because they are pleasant, but because it gets repetitive, it's the same tracks played over & over again.

Rumble is used, motion sensing is used...but the speaker is not used, what a shame. Why didn't they use the speaker on the wiimote?

There's times when I'm away from this game, thinking about it...thinking about selling the game. Those awful trees & bushes, that annoying music in that stage... but when I pick up the game & play it, I just feel it, I can take any car & be a drifting king on any track. This game might not look like it, but it's quite entertaining to play.