fantastic game, but over hyped. All game modes are great except for 3 point shootout.

This game is easily the best basketball game out, in my opinion, since the days of live 2003 & 4.

The game modes are outstanding, especially the dunk contest, playoffs and association mode. The one that dissapoints me is the 3-Point Shootout.

It is impossible to make shots even with a gun shooter like Ray Allen. Back when I had live 2005, it didn't matter who I had, i could knock down shots, but this one really disappoints me.

The dunk contest this year is the thing that finally puts them up with nba lives modes. With the amazing amount of dunks, you could play it for weeks and still not have seen all the dunks.

I continue to be amazed with the association mode that this game has. It is the bread and butter of nba 2k games. With this only being my second nba 2k game, my first, 2k6, didn't seem to be deep. 2k8 has blown me away. The only thing that i don't like is that you can extend contracts during the season. I don't know whether im doing something wrong, but it frustrates me that other teams offer my players what i want to give them and they leave. It still is the best franchise in a sports game next to owner mode that was on madden 2004.

The only thing about the playoff mode that I like is that they scrapped the name tournament mode and FINALLY called it playoff mode. YAY!!!

The reason I think this game is overrated is that after 2k7, they say there is a lot more. Sure, they threw in a dunk contest and a terrible 3 point shootout and new graphics, But after playing 2k7, I feel it needs more.

Overall, this game is fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves basketball, but the 3-Point Shootout really annoys me.