It was a let down for it's time but stil la good fighter for saturn.

User Rating: 7.5 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 SAT
The orginal mortal kombat was aq huge let down for fans. So midway revamped it fixed some of it's problems and rereleased it for Saturn and PS. What we got was a tottaly new mortal kombat it seemed. Chariters had all new moves and fetailitys and some new arenas. lets not forget the fighting was faster. But what drags this mortal kombat down you ask? Well for one thing the AI always seesm to kick your ass in the most cheap way possable. They use the same attacks over and over. How can you defend off a guy whos jumping from side to side of you doing the low kick? or the fierball over and over once you get hit you start this animation of going back and you cant do any thing til lthat animattion is over and your oppenit can still hit you while your in that animation. it's not al ong one but long enguh to get another hit in. Some of the chariters feel the same. It looks like a huge roster of chariters from the last 2 only to find that a lot feel the same and even have the same attacks. Any way it's a decent fighter if you have a saturn or looknig for one. Play it with a friend cuz the AI is so so cheap.