Marvel vs Capcom 3 story shouldve been about hydra and shadoloo teaming up

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where red skull and bison team up and form the masters of evil. and captain america and gulie team up to take them down Here would be my character roaster marvel side: Captain america Iron Man black panther thor hulk black widow ms.marvel Phoenix storm psylocke deadpool rogue (sunfire power up) invisible women human torch the thing gambit iceman cyclops spiderman wolverine bishop cable ( full power no legacy virus) juggernaut venom (eddy brock) capcom: ryu guile cammy sakura ibuki Chun-Li Jill Valentine Chris Redfield leon nina ( breath of fire 2 or 3) Captain Commando Jin Saotome Strider Hiryu megaman exe mageman x base exe roll exe Morrigan Aensland dante trish vergil mike hagger cody guy ingrid Edward Falcon Wang-Tang marvel/capcom villians: doctor doom red skull apocalypse Sentinel thanos mandarin mysterio green goblin Dormammu M.O.D.O.K. magneto m.bison akuma sigma ultron Valgas what do you guys think ?? and the final bosses cosmic cube and psyco power bison,red skull and dr.doom