Chun Li vs Jill - Point

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I like very much, the two characters, I'm trying to be good with both... But I have to pick one for the Main team... so... In Similitude and differences, which one can be more effective?¿ The two ladies, are Kick-figthers (almost 100%) ... Can Chun Li and Jill fill the same position in a team? D:
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I actually use both in my main team! I love em. They are both pretty hard to learn, but I picked up Jill a lot easier than Chun-Li. Jills feral stance is really good. Especially her 'somersault' move after feral stance. 

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Chun-Li is an extreme rushdown character. When I play her, I really need to be in peoples faces. Jill is also a rushdown, but with the feral dash and her great 'escape' special (machine gun spray), she's a bit more well rounded. To be honest, try the missions! I learned their moves by finishing their missions. The repetitiveness of getting them wrong helped make them stick.