By far the best Ultima

User Rating: 10 | Ultima VI: Itsuwari no Yogensha SNES
I remember i first started playing this game about 10 years ago, and to the day I still enjoy playing it. We start out our story as always in Brittania, where once again Lord British is in need and Avatar (the player) must come and save the kingdom from certain doom. What some players may not know is that you can basically skip right to the end of the game once you liberate the shrines, or optionally you can play through hours and hours perfecting your character and exploring the countless dungeons placed throughout the immensely large world map, there is also an assortment of characters to choose from within the game to add to your party, which can consist of 6 members.

Game Play: The only thing less than functional here is the way the inventory is set up and having to open the menu to talk to people rather than just setting it to a button...., but overall easy to use for anyone. I especially like the flank and berserk attack options for party members. For the most part though this game has a very user friendly menu and the battle system can be described as flawless. What makes the game especially appealing is the non-linear game play. You can pretty much go around and do whatever you want whenever. Another intriguing element of this game is the Karma system where the player gains or loses Karma for the way you conduct yourself, by either stealing and killing innocents or playing it on the respectful side. Graphics: Very smooth and the buildings are well constructed inside and out. The games environments are as functional as they are immersive. The enemies are well constructed and the magic and weaponry has an authentic feel about it. The magic armor especially in this game is well crafted.

Sound: Very well done medieval music. The sound in this game sets the mood and draws the player in to the experience. Also there are several instruments the player can own and play.

Value: I have been playing this game for over a decade and I am still discovering new things and enjoying this game very much so. I would put this in the top 5 Snes games made. This is a MUST have for any true fan of RPG's or any fan of an immersive gaming experience. Many popular games today have borrowed from Ultima and especially this title, because this game is practically flawless.

Replay Value: High