Anderson Silva Destroys Chael Sonnen at UFC 148

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Just in case anyone missed it:

Sonnen was able to take Anderson down 6 seconds into the fight (partially due to Anderson coming out swinging like a maniac), but Anderson did a good job of minimizing the GnP, Sonnen won the round definitely though, even getting the mount for a few seconds. Good control, 10-9 for Sonnen.

Second round, it was time for The Spider to go to work. He came out, again with much sloppier strikes than we usually see from him (defense was sloppier as well), but this time he was able to stuff all of Chael's takedown attempts. Chael eventually attempted a spinning backfist, which Anderson ducked under, causing Chael to fall to the ground, sitting against the cage. Anderson walked over to him, and gave him a brutal knee to the chest.

Anderson starts to pound on Chael, but Chael works his way back up to his feet. Chael is a gamer, and he starts swinging, but he eats a stiff jab from Anderson (or it may have been a straight right, I don't remember, I'll have to take another look), and falls back down, where he gets finished with strikes at 1:55.

The real reason why I posted this though, is because of the mutual respect they had for each other after it was all over. Truly admirable. Anderson threw his arm around Chael, and even asked the audience to give Chael a round of applause. He also invited Chael over for a barbeque at his house, prepared by his wife (a little joke, which Chael found funny). Chael was also gracious in defeat, giving no excuses and calling Anderson a true champion.

Much respect for these great warriors.

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I almost cried ):