UFC: Sudden Impact Cheats For PS2

  1. Championship Road

    Code Effect
    Win Championship Road LW title Jens Pulver
    Win Championship Road MW title. Murilo Bustamante
    Win LHW Title Frank Shamrock
    Win LHW title a second time Guy Mezger
    Win LHW title a third time Jeremy Horn
    Win HW title Maurice Smith
    Win HW title a second time Bas Rutten
    Win HW title a third time Mark Coleman
    Win HW title a fourth time Tsyoshi Kohsaka
    Win HW title a fifth time Pete Williams

    Contributed by: cachorrao 

  2. Legend Mode

    Code Effect
    Legend mode is unlocked for any player you use to win championship mode--that player will also get a new move. New move and legend mode

    Contributed by: cachorrao 

  3. Unlock Big John McCarthy

    Code Effect
    View the "You Lose" screen 50 times. Big John McCarthy

    Contributed by: cachorrao 

  4. Unlock the Mask

    Code Effect
    Win over 40 times in arcade mode The Mask

    Contributed by: biboybaka 

  5. Hidden Characters

    Code Effect
    Unlock all regular locked characters Dan Severn
    win 40 matches in arcade mode Lorenzo Fertita
    Win Legend mode with a created player Mask
    beat legend mode with all the lightweight fighters including jens pulver. Dana white

    Contributed by: frankdion 

  6. Fighting Styles

    To unlock these styles of fighting you must successfully complete one year of the required style in story mode and complete 4 years of story mode for the unlocked style to be selected.

    Code Effect
    Successfully complete Kung-Fu story mode Boxing style
    Successfully complete Sumo story mode Karate style
    Successfully complete the Pit Fighting story mode Kung-Fu style
    Successfully complete Pro Wrestling story mode Luta Libre style
    Successfully complete Nin Jitsu story mode MMA (Kempo) style
    Successfully complete Kickboxing story mode Muai Tai style
    Successfully complete Wrestling story mode Nin Jitsu style
    Successfully complete Submission story mode Sambo style
    Successfully complete Brazilian Ju Jitsu story mode Submission style

    Contributed by: ACSatan 

  7. How To Unlock Lorenzo Fertita

    Just Win 31 Matchs in a row in Arcade Mode To UnLock Lorenzo Fertira

    Code Effect
    win 31 matchs in a row in arcade mode Lorenzo Fertita

    Contributed by: UFC_HITMAN