it can make you angry when you do 30 push-ups but when you look at the screen you got... 12 done...

User Rating: 3.5 | UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System - Urijah Faber Workout Pack X360
well i tried this. i already started the 30 day strength workout today but im not sure if i will go back to continue it tomorrow... this game promises you a lot but after a while lets you nervous, angry and disappointed. kinect misses your moves, even when you doing it the same way all the time, some are ok, some are bad and you need to do them again but then you dont have enough power because you actually did them already! that happens too often, not only when you are on the ground... working with heights can fool your kinect as well, it has difficulties with tracing your hands... and yes, i have enough room around me... this game could be amazing, but is just good enough to try, not sure if its good enough to stay with for 30 days... i paid 10 euro for it and it looks like a good price, would cry loud if paid more, game is not worth more