I have played the game for only a few hours and wow was i amazed...

User Rating: 10 | Two Worlds X360
Two worlds is nothing like oblivion and once i started the game i couldn't stop the graphics on the 360 are amazing and better than oblivion... the fighting style is perfect and no loading times... beat this PS3.... from the very begining of the game was awesome and you have to work for the Dark Brotherhood and well i know that this is familiar if you have played Oblivion but it is completely different... this game is one of the best games and i think its even better than oblivion... its just an eye popper of a game... the voice acting is like none other with every person a different voice and the express themselves Two worlds is a must have for 360 owners its just brilliant beyond belief and thats why this game is perfect... and the 3rd person rocks!.... 10 in my book... so go out and get the damn game now will ya!