A punishing, tedious and wholly confusing game.

User Rating: 4 | Two Worlds II PC
Two Worlds 2 plays like a game designed by someone intent upon sucking all the fun out of an RPG. It started out strong--and if one were to drop dead midway through you'd go to your grave thinking it was decent-if mildly repetitive. The quest system is so backward it could not be more confounding; multicolored push pins on a map with absolutely no hint of what they signify (one color for people, another, marginally lighter color for locations-before long you can't even find your location marker) The buildings on one particular island are all identical, with nothing to warn you that you'll be walking into the same empty umbrella shop for the umpty-thumpth time. It's near-impossible to divine the status of a mission because NPC's sprangle around aimlessly long after their purpose is served. There's no indication which quests have been completed as these, too, stay on the menu forever, regardless of completion. The jump mechanic is twitchy, annoying mountains seem to be in your way no matter where you try to go and you are constantly harangued by gaggles of black panthers that are hardly worth the chase required to kill and loot them of their treasured furballs (not making that up) It's exceedingly rare that I'll invest thirty+ hours on a game and then abandon it in disgust, but that is exactly what happened here. So much promise to land with a resounding splat.