Wow... Two worlds 2...

User Rating: 9 | Two Worlds II PS3
I have to say "I'm really impressed with the effort put into this game!" I can't help but feel this game is, and will get overlooked because of the first. To those still undecided, let me just tell you, If you love RPG's... GO GET IT! I'm am a die hard RPG fan and have played most of the great's, Oblivion, Fallout's, many others, and I love it! Didn't think I would, but now I know, I'm clearly addicted... For those knocking it for minor, it has far less bugs then other games out there (cough) FALLOUT NEW VEGAS (cough) If this game had been released 2 years ago or in place of the first, it would have been an easy 9 at least from gamespot or IGN, but I'm not name dropping :) So all of that being said I'm gonna keep the rest short and to the point . Graphics- 9 The lighting, day and night cycles, spell effects, armor, weapons, can all hold up and go beyond what's being done in other games today.
Game play-8 there are some problems here, mostly found with the NPC's in towns and dungeons. Enemies getting stuck in walls on corners and so on. On a few occasions the shop keeper would just walk away into a wall, and be non-accessible after that, my character got stuck a few times in some rocks or wedged in a cliff. Other then that everything worked well.
Replay ability- Ok, this game is huge! I mean, I have spent about 20 hrs running around doing some of the main Quest and some side missions, but it is so easy to get swept away in other things to do before you realize it 2 hours went by and I had gotten carried away making a new spell or crafting new weapons and armor, rings, ext... I will end with this, I completely satisfied with my purchase here, and have been having a blast with this title ever since I put it in. Enough talk! I'm getting back to the game...