It's way better than the 1st two worlds game, and also a remarkable game among it's genre.(played the game already)

User Rating: 8 | Two Worlds II X360
Although it's set to be released in jan 25, I already have the game (that may be because I live in middle east.) Anyway this game is absolutely a must play for those who've waited long for a medieval rpg.why? it has a much better game play and graphics than the previous two worlds game, the storyline is just fine. the continent is big and full of dungeons. the game has introduced a new spell creation system for casters which is plain fun which allows u to make ur own spells in almost any form u like.( I personally made an spell which sprays a couple of firebolts, all of which creates a giant bad ass scorpion, under my command upon hitting >:).) lots of side quests, great cinematics. Although medieval rps are becoming old school and unsatisfying in terms of innovation, this game will absolutely deliver that familiar experience of a good medieval rpg we rp gamers have a unfulfilling thirst for. Oh by the way the last and most satisfying rpg game of this genre I played was Elderscrolls 4: oblivion.