graphically impressive, this Oblivion wannabe does it in its own ways . A little rough, but its heart is pure gold .

User Rating: 8 | Two Worlds II PS3
First things first, if you're a fan of WRPG's with lots of things to do in a big world add another .5 to the score immediately . I'm gonna be spoiler-free because exploring and discovering things for yourself is where the most fun is to be found in this game . Now then, on to the game itself . It starts really slow, and with a few false tones too . For instance, the main character is a complete miss . His voice acting is just terrible and he looks like a spoiled teenager uninterested in anything going on around him . Cutscenes suffer from pop-up and subtitles that don't sync with the spoken lines . The first two hours are all tutorial and when you reach the first island, you might wonder what's going on . Just keep playing, because once you reach the Savanna isle, the whole game opens up and becomes a beautiful experience, offering what a game like this should offer . Beautiful environments, lots of stuff to explore and total freedom to experience things the way you like them . The game doens't invent much new but what it offers it brings in a good old fashioned way . This includes lockpicking and sneaking around, spending lots of time staring at scenery and menu screens, and solving quests for different brotherhoods . Sound all a little familiar ? Yes, it does and that's a good thing .
As already mentioned, the game is graphically impressive with beautiful environments filled with animals and foliage that brings the world alive . Lovely rivers, festering swamps, and a dry savannah are only a few of the settings offered in this game . On PS3 though, the frame rate isn't what it should be, and while it didn't bother me, I am sure some players will find this annoying, as it can be disturbing until you get used to it . Sure a patch can do wonders here, but it remembers me a bit of Dragon Age Origins, although the graphic engine is waaay better in two Worlds 2 .
While the game uses a "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" approach, there are some gameplay aspects that give the game a heart of its own . Hotkeys can be assigned to different skills or abilities, and also to a different style of gameplay . Using the directional buttons, you can instantly change from a heavy armor warrior into a robe cladded mage . You can even reassign skill point mid way through the game, changing the overall experience . Combat feels a bit clumsy though, especially close combat . I can advise the use of magic though, because the game has a unique spell crafting system, through the use of different cards that can be combined to change the outcoming spell. there are other nice features too, like upgrading equipment or breaking it down into raw materials and brewing alchemy potions from herbs and organs found throughout the game . There's also horse riding and even sailing to be found . Most of these feats are locked in the beginning of the game though, and the need to find books to unlock skills make the game really slow in the beginning .
i've heard people finishing the game real fast, but I advise taking your time, especially during the game's first two acts, because things suddenly go really fast at the later acts, revealing the end credits sooner than you want .
There's always multiplayer and even a co-op game, but servers are a bit empty at my time of writing, so you'll have to check the offical reviews for that . But for me, its the single player experience that counts for a game like this . I really liked Two Worlds 2, and was pleasantly surprised by it !
UPDATE : I've been playing the co-op for about 20 hours so far . It's a fun hack and slash version of the main game but keeps things really linear . You level up slowly and unlock new skills the same way as the main game, but you're more limited in variety because skill books are again very expensive, certainly in the beginning levels . The co-op exists of 7 levels and features other locations than the main game . The first few levels are a bit boring in terms of enemies and objectives, but things become more interesting when you reach later levels . The best way to enjoy is keeping players around the same character level, as you can imagine that a level 60 mage will make things very easy for your level 5 character . Also, I found playing with 4 the most fun, as 8 is a bit too crowded . It must be said that the 7 levels need to be unlocked in order to play them . This means that when you start playing, servers don't offer many games for you . Don't worry though, most of the levels can be completed on your own too, although things can get challenging though for a beginning mage character . I've yet got to try the other multiplayer modes, but I've already learned from friends that the Village mode is fun too, but so far, co-op gets a 7.5/10 score from me .