minimum players required for Adventure maps?

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FYI - The Velvet edition is on sale on PSN right now for $10. Seems like a great deal.

Does anyone know the minimum players required for the Adventure mulitplayer modes? Assuming the online player count is low I'd like to know if my son and I will be able to play in this mode with only 2 players online.


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No minimum. You can solo the maps if you want. Wont be easy though.
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cool. thanks for the reply.
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oh, sorry, one more question - how does the game save on these maps? I read they take awhile to get through, but if we were going to go online together our time might be limited. I was hoping you could save progress often enough.
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I dont remembner exactly, as Im just coming back after a long time away from the game.
But, I dont remember the maps being overly large, and the game has a "save anywhere" feature. So either way, you'll be safe in that you wont lose a lot (if any) progress when you cant complete a map in one sitting