Paper Mario: The Thousand Year door, imrpoves upon almost every aspect of it's predocessor.

Gameplay 9: This game's gameplay is basically unchanged from the first game. It's still the turn based combat like the first one, with Mario and his partner, taking their turns and then the enemies taking theirs. Yet there have been some minor tweaks to make the gameplay better. The new things include the crowd, and using a super guard action command. The crowd part of the gameplay is very interesting. If you do good in battle they charge your star gague or if you do bad, they might try to throw something at you, when you jump into the crowd and attack them. The crowd feature makes the game more interesting, and more fun. Overall the gameplay is excllent.
Graphics 10: This game looks much better than the first game, and actually looks quite realilistic even though everything is paper. The graphics aren't exactly your normal excllent presentation, instead, they are simply interesting, and look neat, which still makes it enough to get a perfect score.
Sound 8: This area in Paper Mario needs some work. Most of the sound actually is catchy and well done, and the neat sound effects are good also. But what about voices? This game was made in 2004, and even though that would take some serious tweaking to the gameplay for voices, there still should be voices. If Square-Enix could put voices in their games in 2001, I think Inteligent systems needs to put voices in a game made in 2004. Other than that the sound is very good.
Value 9: Paper Mario is a very lengthy game, and has plenty of unlockable extras, which will keep you busy for a long time.
Tilt 10: Paper Mario has tons of neat, interesting characters that are new to most people who play Mario games, and has excllent plot to back up the great characters.
Overall 9.4/10 Paper Mario is nearly a perfect game in every way. If there wasn't as much backtracking, and if there were voices, it could certaitnly come close to being a perfect game. Still there are very little problems with the game, and if you like Mario games or RPGs you need Paper Mario.